When Liability Issues Surface, We Will Defend Your Company

The construction industry has many potential hazards. While many projects go off without a hitch, sometimes property damage, business disruptions or personal injuries happen.

Regardless of whether a liability claim is made before the project is completed or arises many years later, our team of experienced litigators will aggressively defend you from claims related to defective design, negligent performance, complex multi-party catastrophic occurrences, personal injury/death, structural collapse and systems failures. With our extensive network of industry experts and consultants, we have the resources available to address a variety of these kind of liability issues when the stakes are high.

Cutler-Smith, P.C., delivers high quality legal service to the client-insured, all within the guidelines required by the insurance carrier. Aggressive and effective defense of insured claims protects the insured and the insurance carrier.

Skilled Negotiators, Experienced Litigators

Our lawyers are ready at a moment’s notice when a liability claim arises. Results-oriented and assertive, our team will help you to overcome complex legal and business challenges related to insurance liability matters concerning defects, damages, and injuries and death on a project.

We are skilled negotiators who expect to resolve cases as efficiently as possible. But when negotiations don’t achieve the desired results, we will vigorously defend your interests in litigation. Our attorneys are respected, locally and regionally, by client-insureds and insurance carriers alike because of our ability to achieve favorable results during all phases of litigation.

We Can Protect Your Business. Call Us Now.

Property damage and personal injuries can happen on any construction project, potentially grinding business to a halt as you deal with insurance claims. We can defend your company when faced with potentially damaging claim. Cutler-Smith, P.C., is a law firm with more than 20 years of experience in construction law. We are effective and will help you protect your business. Contact us now at 214-219-0800.