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We are proud to be a leading construction law firm in North Texas. Since 1998, Cutler-Smith, P.C., has represented business owners and trades in overcoming legal and business challenges associated with commercial construction. This includes defending clients against claims of defective work, ensuring clients are paid for their work or helping them obtain the most favorable contract terms.

Our attorneys are knowledgeable, skilled and effective, providing quality representation with proven results. Protecting our clients, their hard-won businesses and their skilled employees is at the root of what we do. We know about the sweat equity you’ve invested to build your business, and we understand your continued commitment — to growth, to success and to your place in a vibrant construction business community.

Board Certified Construction Lawyers

Certification by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization is the only way an attorney in Texas can claim to “specialize” in any area of practice. Texas has over 100,000 active lawyers — and of those, only 104 are Board Certified in Construction Law, a certification which can be gained only through demonstrated experience, peer recommendation and the successful completion of a grueling testing process.

Our Board Certified Attorneys solidify our commitment to the construction industry and the representation of its essential business interests.

Litigation, Transactions and Insurance Defense

We represent commercial trade contractors — large and small. When it comes to construction issues, we are simultaneously proactive and reactive to each client’s case. Our lawyers guide you from beginning to end. If you find your company facing a legal dilemma, it’s crucial to seek our advice as early as possible. We assist in legal matters, including:

  • Construction litigation: We are experienced trial attorneys and not afraid to fight for you.
  • Enforcement of Contract Rights and Payment Claims: We are experienced in getting you paid and helping you to close the gap on unpaid receivables.
  • Insurance defense litigation: We work closely with your insurance carrier to defend you against claims for construction defects or catastrophic occurrences. We understand that an effective and efficient defense requires core knowledge, and that a well-crafted defense strategy protects the insured (you) and the insurer.
  • Contract review and negotiation: The business is called “contracting” — and we believe properly-negotiated construction agreements establish the groundwork for a respectful and successful relationship within all tiers of the construction project team. We aggressively protect your business by reading and understanding the contract documents, aggressively advocating for you and, thus, obtaining the most favorable terms for you in your construction contract.
  • Bidding and proposal practices: Every project starts with a proposal, a bid — a “first step” towards the contract. How you bid a job can make all the difference in your ability to reach fair terms, and can have a direct impact on how the project goes and whether you make money. We guide our clients in best practices for bidding practices that can head off trouble before it rears its ugly head.

At Cutler-Smith, P.C., we understand that your “office” is really in the field — the place where the real work gets done. Our attorneys are not afraid to go to the job site, roll up their sleeves, get their feet dirty or climb a scaffold. We are hands-on. We regularly visit the project with experts and consultants for site inspections in order to properly evaluate the facts of your case, whether to assess the client’s claims for changed conditions or to determine the validity of claims against you.

Industry Advocacy

Cutler-Smith, P.C., represents its clients, and it represents the industry the clients have built. To this end, our firm and our lawyers are actively engaged in advocacy for the industry, including direct participation in industry groups, including:

  • The Attorneys’ Council of the National Subcontractors Alliance
  • The Subcontractors Association of the Metroplex, Inc.
  • The United Masonry Contractors Association of DFW
  • The Texas Masonry Council
  • Texas Construction Association
  • Independent Electrical Contractors of Dallas
  • Independent Electrical Contractors of Fort Worth/Tarrant County
  • Independent Electrical Contractors of Texas

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For more than two decades, commercial trade contractors and business owners in North Texas have relied on the skills of the law office of Cutler-Smith, P.C. Results-oriented, we defend our clients from beginning to end and provide them with the tools needed to avoid disputes in construction law matters. For a consultation, contact a lawyer at 214-219-0800.