Providing Valuable Guidance on Business Law and Litigation

Each entrepreneur is unique, smart, passionate and, above all, a risk-taker. Along their business journey, they need guidance in formation, operations, management and growth — or selling a well-established company.

Cutler-Smith, P.C., understands business law and litigation, and our lawyers are prepared to help companies throughout North Texas and beyond. With more than 20 years of experience, we know what we are doing. We effectively guide you in forming your business, running an efficient and profitable business, and facilitating business sales, mergers and acquisitions.

From Business Creation through all aspects of your business

Along with our extensive experience and insight in the construction industry, we have represented business clients in a wide range of other industries. Our attorneys are business lawyers first and foremost, and we often fulfill the role of general counsel for growing businesses.

We are effective, knowledgeable and persistent in all areas of business law, including litigation. Our clients include historically underutilized businesses, minority-owned businesses and women-owned businesses. We advise our clients in legal matters, including:

  • Business formation, creating entities such as partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies in many industries
  • Mergers and acquisitions, when businesses seek to grow or are seeking a buyer
  • Minority business enterprise, women business enterprise and the Historically Underutilized Business program
  • Drafting a broad spectrum of business agreements
  • Resolving disputes, either through negotiation or litigation

We understand the business environment in North Texas, and we understand business and the companies throughout our region.

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Whether you are starting a business or looking to grow or sell it, you need solid and dependable legal advice. With more than two decades of experience, Cutler-Smith, P.C., has the knowledge to help you in all aspects of business law and litigation. We are client-focused, effective and ready to help anytime — contact us at 214-219-0800.