As an employer, it is crucially important for you to run a business that your employees feel safe in. Their comfort ties directly to your consumer comfort, too. On a whole, a happy and healthy work environment is the best for everyone. 

To reach this goal, you may want to focus on eliminating some of the problems at your workplace. You can start by focusing on sexual harassment, which tragically continues to haunt workplaces across the nation. 

Have a no-tolerance policy

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission discusses sexual harassment at the workplace. In specific, they talk about ways in which you can eliminate these actions and behaviors. First, make it clear to employees that you will not tolerate harassment of any sort. This sets the stage so no one will feel shocked if you act swiftly. 

Speaking of, actions speak louder than words. If you say you are an anti-harassment workplace but you do not meet harassment in a quick and harsh way, what does it say about you? Respond to any concerns or questions about harassment quickly. Investigate any harassment complaints in a prompt and effective way. 

Create safe spaces for victims

You should also create an open environment for potential victims of harassment. Make it clear that you will not punish employees for sharing concerns or asking questions. Make it clear who employees should contact with these concerns and questions, too. 

Finally, make sure any managers or other such employees understand their role in preventing harassment. Anyone with authority in the company should stop, prevent and address harassment just as fast as you would yourself. In this way, you can ensure the happiness and safety of your employees.