Finding out your business is facing a lawsuit can be upsetting, but you need to keep your cool and make sure you take steps to help you win your case. 

Forbes explains that when your business faces a lawsuit, you should do a few specific things that will allow you to gather evidence, prevent further issues and assist your attorney in building a solid case. 

Stick to the facts

It is very easy to let yourself focus on rumors and talk about the lawsuit and the situation. You need to stay away from anything like that. Focus only on the facts of the case. Stick to only speaking about the facts. Keep your emotions out of it, and never try to rely on rumors. 

Maintain consistency

You need to ensure that you continue to operate your business as usual. Change nothing, and keep moving forward. Do not let the lawsuit throw you off or make you start doing things you have never done before. 

Keep records

You should begin documenting everything. This includes going back and documenting anything you think your attorney will need. Make sure you keep all legal documents and any other evidence that could be helpful in the case. 

Be clear

When you deal with anything regarding the case, be concise and clear. Again, do not let emotions get the best of you. Stay professional and focus on staying neutral. 

Know the law

If you are unclear on what is happening, ask your attorney. Do not be afraid to get clarification. Learn more about the applicable laws as well. Doing this will help you help yourself the most because you will know what you need to show the court.