Construction sites are generally a noisy place. This is often not a big deal when your site is away from populated areas, but sometimes, you will need to work within a neighborhood.

If this happens, you may face complaints and issues related to the neighbors being unhappy about the noise. It is up to you to find ways to reduce the noise and find a way to be less evasive in the neighborhood to soothe tensions.

Basic steps

The Laborers’ Health and Safety Fund of North America explains that you should start by understanding the different noise levels of every activity on your site. Knowing just how loud everything is can allow you to design a schedule where the loudest work takes place during the daytime when it is less likely to upset neighbors.

In addition, you need to know local noise ordinances. Most locales will have specific hours set aside where you must keep noise to a minimum. You need to observe these times to avoid issues.

Specific steps

To help reduce noise on your site, consider erecting fencing or barriers that will muffle the noise and prevent it from traveling to surrounding areas. Plywood does a nice job of stopping sound and is a cheap option.

You should also find ways to make your equipment quieter. You can modify existing equipment with different things to dampen the noise, or you can use newer equipment built to operate more quietly.

You can also find alternative ways to do things that are just as effective and efficient but far less noisy. One option is to move your noisiest equipment as far away from the neighboring areas as possible.