Many construction companies use subcontractors to complete projects quickly and efficiently. While good subcontractors can add a lot to a construction site, making the wrong selection can derail a job and possibly even lead to legal issues. That is why it is crucial you take the proper steps when looking to supplement your construction business.

This guide explains the steps construction companies must take when hiring subcontractors. By performing your due diligence, you can rest assured of a stress-free process.

Review past projects worked on

Experience matters in the construction industry. Workers should have a robust portfolio of past projects, including work that is similar to the project you are currently working on. If the subcontractor cannot or will not provide references, start a search online. For instance, the Better Business Bureau includes business ratings, as well as customer complaints if any exist. You can also look at review websites to see what past clients have to say.

Vet employees working for the subcontractor

Make sure the subcontractor’s crew also has good credentials. Ask about the background check process used when hiring new workers. You can also perform a background check on your own if you are not satisfied with the answers. Criminal convictions should raise alarms, as should other types of wrongdoing. Remember, if problems arise you will ultimately be responsible for what occurs.

Discuss safety practices

When accidents or injuries occur on the job, you could also be liable for the subsequent fallout. Accordingly, any subcontractors you hire should have a good understanding of safety practices. Even more, these workers should be diligent about using safe practices at every step of the way. Ask about the subcontractor’s current safety process and how past issues were handled.