The construction industry has ranked among the most dangerous industries to work. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, 20% of all fatalities occur on a construction site. Using hazardous chemicals and moving heavy equipment are some of the causes of injuries in the workplace. 

It is, therefore, vital to find ways of reducing and preventing workplace injuries. As an employer, finding ways to curb such accidents may reduce your chances of getting sued and spending a lot of money in court. 

You must develop a safety program for your workers. Injuries and illness prevention programs are necessary as they help prevent both fatal and non-fatal injuries at workplaces. Besides, you may use other strategic safety campaigns like promoting a drug-free workplace to prevent injuries in the long term. 

The number one cause of injuries at the workplace is alcohol and drug abuse. You need to develop alcohol and drug control regulations at your workplace. Also, you have to brief workers about their expected conduct. 

Another way to curb it is by having mandatory employee drug tests. It will provide a powerful deterrent to drug use on-site. With a drug-free workplace program, you will reduce unnecessary risks and injuries. 

You must also encourage your workers to wear protective gear, regardless of how routine the tasks may seem. Protective hats can prevent injuries from flying objects and also offer protection to the head in case a worker falls from a building that is under construction. Furthermore, it may help if you can inspect the tools before they begin using them to prevent accidents.