Construction site injuries are surprisingly common in the United States. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more than 5,147 construction workers died in workplace accidents in 2017, while thousands more were injured in non-fatal incidents. This averages to more than 14 deaths every day. The costs for these injuries can have a significant financial impact on employers, as they must pay for medical expenses, workers’ compensation payments, investigations, implementation of corrective measures, repairs of damaged equipment, legal service costs and lost productivity. 

As a construction employer, you are responsible for providing a safe work environment for your employees. By doing so, not only do you minimize the risk of injury and death to your employees, but you can save your company money by avoiding these high costs. What can you do to ensure your construction site is safe for all workers? 

First, make sure you lead by example. Ensure your company has a ‘safety first’ mentality and perpetuates the safety culture in all areas. Everyone should take responsibility for creating a safe atmosphere. All employees should do the following: 

  • Follow rules and procedures 
  • Wear protective safety equipment designed for the job they are doing  
  • Use best practices to avoid and prevent accidents 
  • Complete the required training  

It is helpful to promote an environment where employees can tell someone if they see something dangerous without fear getting in trouble or retaliation. This can also help prevent serious construction accidents. 

Make sure worksites are organized before you start the job. Do a quick sweep of the worksite and prepare it with the proper equipment, safety gear and tools. When you follow strict safety procedures and guidelines, you can help to minimize workers’ risk of getting injured or killed.