To keep your Texas construction business running, you must have customers pay you. If you find yourself with overdue invoices and customers who do not seem to want to pay up, things can get a little tight. It is essential that you have a solid plan for collecting on past due invoices and ensuring your customers pay you for the work you have done.

It, unfortunately, is not an uncommon problem within the construction industry to have a hard time getting customers to pay. While you may get paid a portion of the total upfront, once you complete the job, the client may not want to pay, according to However, you do have options for collecting your money.

You should contact the customer. Make sure he or she knows there is a balance due and that it is due right away. You should refer back to the contract and note payment requirements. You can also make it easy to pay by offering different payment options and methods. Do not give a client the opportunity of saying they could not pay because of the inconvenience.

Give your client some time but too much to pay. You do not want the invoice being overdue for too long. Generally, 120 days is a good point at which to take further action. After this time, if your client has not paid, the chances are good that he or she will not pay without further action on your part.

Since you already spoke with the client, now is the time to take legal action. The law is on your side when you try to collect a legitimate debt. You may be able to place a mechanic’s lien or sue the client in court for the money. This information is for education and is not legal advice.