In the construction industry, things do not always move forward as planned. In fact, this industry sees a lot of disruptions. The weather, supply delays, work issues and other factors all can mean a change in the intended course of work. If you own a Texas construction business, then you already know how it is. You also probably know that this means disputes are common in the industry. Construction Executive has some advice on how you can resolve construction disputes in an easier and quicker manner so that you can get back to doing your job.

One of the best ways to avoid disputes is to address possible issues from the beginning. Make it clear what you can and cannot do. Outline what the contract guarantees and what you will deliver. Explain about potential delays and how you will attempt to avoid them. Also, address how you will handle disputes. By spelling everything out up front, you can prevent a lot of issues, and if one occurs, at least make it as easy as possible to resolve.

You also should do your part to stay on track. Make a schedule and stick to it. Hold your sub-contractors responsible for meeting deadlines and staying on task. Make sure your workers know the timeline and the expectations from the beginning.

Another essential thing to do is to make sure the client understands the contract. You may spell everything out, but if the client is not clear on what you are saying, it will not stop disputes. So, be sure you are on the same page and every clause in the contract is crystal clear. This information is for education and is not legal advice.