When discussing the hazards of a Texas construction site, often statistics of injuries and code violations are hot topics. When considering employee safety and care, the construction industry cannot forget mental health. As stated by Forbes, the construction industry is becoming a leader in mental health awareness.

Mental health and the workplace normally circles around a specific few industries. Often, the office workers or military have most of the spotlight. The general idea is that employees who bring work into their home environment are at a risk of more mental health issues. Stress is a part of every industry, however. Blue-collar workers are also prone to mental health problems.

If you worry about the mental health of your workers, there are ways to help alter the construction company culture. Construction workers experience seasonal unemployment, exhaustion and long hours that can lead to mental illness. In addition, some workers may not be willing to talk about mental health openly. Supervisors should have scripts that can help them talk to workers who may be at risk. If you can detect mental health issues early, then you can support your employee pool.

Construction companies can educate and offer resources to assist employees. If you can intervene when a problem arises, then you can help see a positive change in employees. The construction industry needs to pay attention to the physical health of employees, but mental health issues can lead to a drop in productivity and a loss of workers.

This information is only to inform you on the hazard of mental illness in the construction industry. It is not intended to be legal advice.