The construction industry in Texas is no different than any other in that contracts are an integral part of operating a successful company and completing a successful job. When you are working with employees who are responsible for overseeing that the project you are working on is executed correctly, on time and with the quality of workmanship that reflects your company’s values, relying on an employment contract is a worthwhile consideration.

So, why is a contract necessary? Relying on your employees to uphold their end of an agreement without any clear contractual agreement in place can be dangerous, especially if there are unmet expectations, but you have nothing to reference in holding your employees accountable. A documented and legally signed contract between you and your employees can provide an incentive for them to abide by the agreement, as well as provide a measure of reference in the case that questions or disputes arise about what was expected.

According to, one beneficial part of having an employment contract in place is to provide suggestions for how disputes should be solved if they occur. A well-written contract will provide details about how disagreements should be handled to continue honoring the terms of the contract without compromising either party. It can also provide information about what will happen if your employee does breach the contract and the types of consequences that will be given as a result of their decision. These types of clauses provide critical protection to your company and to the individual projects you are agreeing to complete.

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