There are a variety of legal challenges that can come up during a construction project in Texas, which is why it is helpful for parties to a construction project to be familiar with the legal resources that may be available to help them when a construction dispute comes up. Construction law legal resources can help guide parties involved in a construction project through concerns that arise so they can have a successful project.

Construction contracts play a significant role in any construction project, which is why it is important to understand the contract negotiation, drafting and execution process to ensure the interests of the parties are protected. It is also important to be familiar with how to resolve a construction contract dispute if one comes up. One type of dispute that may arise includes if subcontractors are not properly paid for the work they perform which is why legal resources are available related to lien and bond claims to ensure subcontractors and others are paid for the work they perform.

Claims surrounding alleged construction defects can also be significant and can be costly to the parties involved. It is important for parties involved in construction defects claims to be aware of how to defend against construction defects claims when necessary. Construction defects claims can relate to planning, engineering, soils, water intrusion, materials, finishes, workmanship, mechanical, electrical or structural problems. Construction litigation can be costly and time-consuming so it is important to know how to respond to these types of situations.

Construction litigation and construction disputes can also be complex which is why it is helpful for the parties to have trained guidance throughout the process to help guide them. Legal resources are available to ensure the parties are protected and the project runs as smoothly as possible.