Contracts form the backbone of many construction projects. Since many contracts will be executed before the project is even started, it is important that they are as detailed as possible. After all, what may seem like common sense to one party may be overlooked by the other party. To avoid these problems, those entering into a construction contract may want to keep the following suggestions on what to include in a construction contract in mind.

A construction contract should include all scheduled deadlines that must be met during the construction process. It should also specifically state what each party’s responsibilities are. What supplies will be used, and other necessary costs should be documented. Which tasks will be completed by direct hire employees and which tasks will be completed by subcontractors should be addressed in a construction contract.

Contracts should account for certain contingencies such as the possibility of delays or differing site conditions. Finally, escalation clauses are also important, especially for long-term projects or projects with a significant amount of financial backing and risk.

These are only some suggestions on what issues Texas construction contracts can address. There may be other provisions that are important to a construction contract that are not listed here. The fact of the matter is that construction law is very nuanced. Every project is unique, and thus, no two construction contracts will look the same. Working with a legal professional experienced in the execution of construction contracts can help ensure these documents meet the needs of all involved.