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Tips for Dallas employers developing an employee handbook

A well-developed employee handbook is important for employers in Dallas to have, because it is one of the most important human resources tools for a company to have. Employee handbooks are referenced in a variety of important employment situations, so knowing how to develop an employee handbook is essential.

Because an employee handbook is an important document to have, it is helpful to know what to include so that the company develops an effective handbook that contains appropriate policies and relevant information that employers want their employees to have. An employment handbook should outline employment policies, company rules and any key information that employees need to know during their tenure with the company. In addition, the policies outlined in the employee handbook should also align with the practices of the organization.

Construction law overview

There are a variety of legal challenges that can come up during a construction project in Texas, which is why it is helpful for parties to a construction project to be familiar with the legal resources that may be available to help them when a construction dispute comes up. Construction law legal resources can help guide parties involved in a construction project through concerns that arise so they can have a successful project.

Construction contracts play a significant role in any construction project, which is why it is important to understand the contract negotiation, drafting and execution process to ensure the interests of the parties are protected. It is also important to be familiar with how to resolve a construction contract dispute if one comes up. One type of dispute that may arise includes if subcontractors are not properly paid for the work they perform which is why legal resources are available related to lien and bond claims to ensure subcontractors and others are paid for the work they perform.

Tips for avoiding employee termination disputes

As an employer, it will likely be necessary to make employment terminations occasionally. While this is never a pleasant experience, it can be made much worse when terminations are not made with thorough thought and diligence. If you make an employment termination under unfavorable circumstances, you may be accused by the employer of retaliation or discrimination, and a dispute may arise. This could cost financial resources as well as your business' reputation.

If you want to ensure that you avoid disputes as an employer in Texas, it is important that you have a thorough understanding of the law. The following are some strategies to prevent disputes from arising when making employment termination decisions.

The importance of business formation and planning

Selecting the best business form for a new business is an important step in the business formation process that should not be overlooked. As a result, entrepreneurs starting up a new business should be familiar with the different business types, the significance of different business forms and which one to select to meet the needs and situation of the business.

When selecting a business form, the entrepreneur should consider which business form will meet the needs of the start-up business, as well as continue to meet the needs of business as it grows and enjoys success down the road. The business form selected has an impact on the control of the business, the cost of running the business, how the business is taxed and the personal liability of the business owners. It can also impact the ability of the business to raise additional funding which can impact the growth and success of the business.

Most common causes of construction disputes and how to avoid them

When a construction project goes smoothly—i.e. everything gets done and everyone gets paid on time—a construction contract isn’t usually a cause of concern. However, when things don’t go as planned, or disputes do arise, every word of the contract suddenly becomes extremely important.

Experienced contractors know that half of the construction business revolves around drafting well-structured contracts. These contracts can help protect business owners when conflicts occur.

Some Texas cities now require paid sick leave

When a worker in Texas does not have paid sick leave, coming down with an illness or having a loved one in need of medical care can pose a significant problem. The employee may be unable to come to work, but without being paid the employee could find themselves in a serious financial situation. However, some cities in Texas have taken steps to change this.

The cities of San Antonio and Austin passed ordinances stating that those who are employed by a private business must be given a specified amount of paid sick leave. However, legislation at the state level aimed to block these ordinances, claiming that they have resulted in "patchwork regulations" wherein cities within miles of each other could have vastly different rules regarding paid sick leave. However, bills that would have met these goals will not be heard on the House floor, essentially rendering them "dead." That being said, the constitutionality of these ordinances may still be challenged in court.

What's in Dallas construction projects contain?

Contracts form the backbone of many construction projects. Since many contracts will be executed before the project is even started, it is important that they are as detailed as possible. After all, what may seem like common sense to one party may be overlooked by the other party. To avoid these problems, those entering into a construction contract may want to keep the following suggestions on what to include in a construction contract in mind.

A construction contract should include all scheduled deadlines that must be met during the construction process. It should also specifically state what each party's responsibilities are. What supplies will be used, and other necessary costs should be documented. Which tasks will be completed by direct hire employees and which tasks will be completed by subcontractors should be addressed in a construction contract.

The Dallas-Fort Worth region seeing drops in construction starts

In 2017, construction activity hit record highs here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Since then, though, there have been declines in construction starts in the region. Such activity is estimated to have dropped 10 percent in 2018. And recent statistics from Dodge Data & Analytics indicate that this trend of declines is continuing into this year.

The statistics regard construction starts in the Dallas-Fort Worth area in 2019’s first three months. According to this data, this quarter saw 16 percent fewer such starts (in dollar value) than 2018’s opening three months did. Activity was especially down in the nonresidential building sector, which saw a 19 percent drop.

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